Your Optin Page – The Top Of Your Marketing Funnel – High Converting Landing Pages Reviewed

Your Optin Page - The Top Of Your Marketing Funnel - High Converting Landing Pages Reviewed

List building through your optin page is the most important step in your marketing funnel whether you are doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

The landing page design and the overall look of your squeeze page is vitally important, but most people think this means you have to get ‘facy’ with your landing page template.

Totally not true… In fact, in this video we look at some of the most successful internet marketers from the last 5 years and we analyze their optin pages so you can create your own squeeze page template that communicates your ideas and offer clearly in a way that can increase conversions and grow your email list fast.

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In this video we look at six extremely successful optin pages that are created by multi million dollar marketers and we analyze the opt in page copy and template to help you understand what it takes to createa successful landing page…

Honestly, it is simpler than you think and than what most of the landing page software companies make you think…

You will see a clear trend in the amount of copy, imagery and it should help you understand what you need to create for your online business to begin generating leads.

Now the opt in page is the top of the funnel for most affiliate marketing businesses and internet or information marketing businesses.

This is the page a visitor who is interested in you, your solution, your product or the problem you solve will reach after seeing your ad or your content.

From here, they are able to opt in to gain something of value for free and after that, you are able to market to them via your email autoresponder, broadcasts and follow up sequence.

My goal with this video is to help you understand how simple this can be.

Many people really ‘freeze’ because they are either striving for ‘perfection’ (which is an illusion) or they make it WAY more complex than it needs to be.

The ‘trick’ in my methodology is to START FAST! …And keep it simple!

Get something up quickly (like we cover in the next video) and be sure you are measuring your results so you can look at how that specific opt in page performs.

Then, we will get into slit testing, which is how you are able to ‘test’ a new idea, headline or opt in page against what is currently working to see if you can ‘beat’ your own results.

This is how you gain incremental results… And it is through incremental results that you are able to create a kick-ass opt in page that will convert 50% or more of visitors into leads for your business.

The content covered in this video is not to be taken lightly… Every one of these pages is created by an extremely smart and wealthy marketer who I respect…

And honestly, I have very little respect for 95% of marketers out there because they are little more than scam artists… lol.

So for me to even decide to show these to you as examples says a lot… This is one of those ‘don’t underestimate the simplicity of these’ moments…

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6 Responses to Your Optin Page – The Top Of Your Marketing Funnel – High Converting Landing Pages Reviewed

  • Fergal Downes says:

    Hey Miles. Really amazing stuff. I was wondering if you had a video on using the "lead generation" ad option on FB? I searched but couldn't find any.

  • John Jacobs says:

    Wow you are a major scam artist!! You are teaching people to scam others. Motley Fool is a scam company with BS marketing and BS claims. Dillard is a huge scam artist as well. These are facts.

  • Nicole N. says:

    Hi Miles! Thanks so much for all your valuable videos, really appreciate it! I was wondering what your experiences are with using a video instead of promotional text on your landing page. Would you say they don't convert as well as just text (since all the examples you gave were simply text)? Or do they do well too? Thanks man!

  • Tommy Griffith says:

    Super intrigued by Thrive Themes after you mentioned it here. Am about to go through a site redesign now and I am looking at Thrive. Any chance you've used Divi as well? Weighing the two options now.

  • Affiliate Marketing Essentials says:

    Another great video, thanks!

  • Valoja Illangasinghe says:

    I really enjoyed this…

    it was very thought provoking and very well presented.


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