woozone config stuck

In this video I’ll show you how to complete the install of the woozone plugin if this video help you please like and share hope it helps
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  • Alaa Alsayed says:

    I just create my access key ID and secret access key from AWS post it both in Amazon config but I got error massege say (woocommerce amazon affiliates was not able to connect to amazon with the specified AWS key pair and associate id) I create more access key ID and I tried many time but no luck please help me I can not go any further.

  • Kristine Poulson says:

    Hi, I have WooZone installed and it doesn't direct the cart to Amazon! Have you ever had that problem? Product adds to cart, but when you click on checkout, it stays on my site.

  • DREOW Health & Beauty Limited Teeth Whitening says:

    Hi Mr Smith.

    Couldn't thank you enough for your assistance in the video. I did EVERYTHING one could do to try and get the Amazon Config screen to appear…without avail. However, your video did it for me. Thanks again. Zaf

  • NReluctant says:

    Have you found it to work well in actually giving you the product credit for things you refer?


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