Managing Taxes for Affiliate Marketers

Shawn Collins of discusses tax software and accountants for affiliates. Q: Are you aware of any software or services that keep t…
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Who Are MoreNiche? How can affiliate marketing benefit you as an affiliate and does it benefit the merchant also? We answer all these questions in this short…
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3 Responses to Managing Taxes for Affiliate Marketers

  • Golf Progress says:

    Shawn: I’m a CPA in San Francisco who loves affiliate marketing and has a
    bunch of affiliates as tax clients. I would recommend Quickbooks rather
    than Quicken or Mint. The latter two are fine for personal finance but
    aren’t true accounting packages. One of my Superaffiliate clients just
    because affiliate manager at Zynga. You’re right than doing taxes for
    affiliate marketers isn’t rocket science, but they like to work with
    someone who knows their industry.

  • Brendan Mace says:

    I’ve seen a few people trying this!

  • Rakhi Pathak says:

    Guideline on MoreNiche is handy and helpfull. In a short video you describe
    the whole moreniche system clearly. I will give a try on Moreniche for
    tetsing it


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