Making $3,000 From My Adult Website – Advanced Amazon FBA Website Strategy Explained

Being that my site earned a little over ,000 after all costs and fees, I would say that is a pretty successful site, wouldn’t you? My site made a little over ,000 profit because I figured out a way to get more people in front of my products, enter their email for my free book and 30% off discount, and also watch videos on the products that I sell.

I know that not everybody has products that they are currently selling, but just know that the strategy that I am using here is nothing more than a website with affiliate links, a simple top landing page, and Facebook/Youtube advertising.

What you need to understand is that I have products that I already sell on Amazon, but if you don’t have those then just promote somebody else’s products. By promoting somebody else’s products you won’t be able to spend as much on advertising, but you can still make some good money. Just promote higher priced products so that you get a higher commission for them.


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11 Responses to Making $3,000 From My Adult Website – Advanced Amazon FBA Website Strategy Explained

  • Miss Maxi says:

    So, which site builder did you use? I need help with building the site. I used wix so far but maybe wordpress is a better idea ? The idea is to sell courses based on BDSM and refer to products. It's a niche but at least I know about it in real life. I'm old school so creating the links is complicated for me…

  • Godishala says:

    Great video…

  • John LABAUVE says:

    Still not crystal clear

  • Gamers ka Junction says:

    Where from u make website

  • Eric Liestoh says:

    6 minutes in, and not one word about how you make your money. I'm out.

  • bosshogindog says:

    Do you have to run to the post office 10x a day or how does that work?

  • KAVISH KANAK says:

    this was a mind shaking strategy👍 thanks

  • yakir s says:

    Hey buddy
    When you advertise your article on Facebook do create a different landing page for the article? Or you connect it to your website with the product page? From my knowledge Facebook policy don’t allow to advertise articles that connect to a website selling adult products

  • Blair Group says:

    get to the point dude

  • Ryan Schafer says:

    I dont get the 'multiple websites' thing. What are they? Blogs, sites or…?

  • Homebody Heaven says:

    You have sold your soul for money. You are enticing others to sin. You will never prosper for this–it will not end well for you. I hope you will repent before it is too late. Unsubscribing.


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