Is Affiliate Marketing The Same As Network Marketing


The main difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing is how you’re paid, and also how MANY people are paid on the same sale.

In network marketing, for every product sold, there is potentially tens, hundreds or thousands of people participating in the sales volume. There’s great leverage, however it takes a LOT of volume for you to earn a significant amount of income.

In affiliate marketing, for every product sold, there is usually one person earning a commission, and it can range from 5%-60% or more of the actual sale.

Even large companies like Wal-Mart have affiliate programs.

High Ticket direct sales is like affiliate marketing, however usually includes products with a larger price point, say, ,500++. There are high ticket products that exceed 0,000 per sale. In this case, usually one or two people will receive a commission on each sale.

We focus on a mix between them all.

Affliate marketing, network marketing and high ticket sales rolled into one.

As I mentioned in the video, when we were looking at different ways to make money from home, we sought out systems that were able to do ‘most’ of the heavy lifting for us, but also provide the opportunity to earn commissions that felt like we were getting paid for the amount of work we put in.

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