I2G Infinity 2 global Review | Casino Cash

I2G Infinity 2 global Review | Casino Cash

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So there’s yet another network marketing company that’s creating buzz inside of the MLM and affiliate marketing arena that I’m hearing about. The company is called I2G, also known as Infinity 2 Global, and if you’re reading this you’re probably looking for more information on the company. Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a I2G affiliate, or maybe you’re simply checking out the company and business opportunity. Either way, look no further because I’m going to give you the information you’ll need to know to make an educated decision about the company. In this third party I2G review, I’ll cover what the company does and aspects of the business opportunity that are important for you to know. Before moving forward, I want to make one thing clear: I am not an affiliate for I2G, nor am I a customer that uses their service. In fact, I can care less if you decide to join the company or not. The reason I’m disclosing this upfront is so you feel secure that you’ll be truly getting an unbiased perspective of the company. With that being said, let’s move on…

Who Is I2G?

I2G is an International company that promotes online casino gaming and uses a Network Marketing model to grow their business. Online casino gaming happens to be the fastest growing segment on the Internet, bringing in revenues to the tune of Billion worldwide. I2G affiliates can actually earn income by getting other people to play and participate on casino gaming sites. The company is currently being led by President/CEO Rick Maike. Maike has been around the Network Marketing Industry for 25 years. Before joining I2G, he was the President for bHIP’s Southeast Asian division, managing 10 offices in 9 different countries in the region. Working with Maike is Richard Anzalone, who is the company’s International Marketing Director. Like Maike, Anzalone has 25 years experience in the MLM Industry. After reviewing several websites and looking into the information, it certainly looks like I2G has a solid management team and is positioned for future growth and momentum.

How Do You Make Money With I2G?

There are several packages you can choose from when you join I2G. The different packages range in cost from 0 to ,000. As with most compensation plans, the affiliates that join at the higher packages will earn more from the company. For example, if you join at the 0 package you are known as a Novice. If you join at the ,000 package you are known as an Emperor. As an Emperor, you’ll earn a Cycle Bonus instead of a Cycles Bonus.

In a nutshell, there are 6 ways you can get paid from the compensation plan. Here’s a simple breakdown of each part of the compensation plan:

1. Fast Start Bonus – You can earn 10% of any Package sold when you personally sponsor new people into your business.

2. Binary Commissions – Like other binary companies, you’ll only have to build two teams in I2G, a left team and a right team. Whenever you hit 300 points on your left team and 300 points on your right team, the company will pay you a Cycle Bonus ranging from to . You can cycle as many times as you want, but the company’s weekly cap is ,000/week.

3. Matching Bonus – You can qualify to earn a Matching Bonus on up to 5 levels of affiliates in your team.

4. Leadership Bonus (must be at the High Roller or Emperor Level) – You can earn a one-time rank advancement bonus when you hit positions in the company. These one-time bonuses range from ,000, all the way up to 0,000.

5. Leadership Pool – Based on your rank and production, you can earn up to 25% in Profit Sharing with the company.

6. 50% Profit Share – As I mentioned earlier, you can earn a commission whenever someone places a bet worldwide. This part of the compensation plan is only open to the first 5,000 Emperors. (Emperors are affiliates that join at the ,000 Package.)

Is I2G A Good Opportunity?

The short answer is YES. It is a good business opportunity. The corporate leaders are experienced and online casino gaming has generated Billion in the past. In addition to that, the compensation plan looks promising and the company is young, which is important if you’re looking to join a company that truly has a ground floor opportunity. With that being said, all those things will play a very little part in your ultimate success. While those features are beneficial, your personal success will depend on your ability to generate leads and your ability to sponsor new affiliates into your team. It’s for this reason, that I highly recommend that you use Attraction Marketing.

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  • Pancho Villa says:

    Hello. I'm curious to know if your company provides an income disclosure report? What is the average income per member? Can you tell me how much commission do people earn from selling casino chips or music downloads? It's unclear to me at this point how your members make money from product sales. Your compensation program doesn't provide prices or commission amounts on products. It only describes how to earn money from recruiting other people. Am I missing something here?


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