Affiliate Marketing and Working From Home is A SCAM… right?


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14 Responses to Affiliate Marketing and Working From Home is A SCAM… right?

  • Mike McMullen says:

    YouTuber making money thousands of views. Actual income as seen on Youtube. The rest who knows? At least this video is genuine. Live a lifestyle/ persona and have a decent persona that is likable. Be decent looking and trendy with tattoos. I'll subscribe plainly to get an injection of this different angle genius bravo!. Have an amp in your place no theme rift?

  • Marco M says:

    While I respect Entrepreneurs as I’m one myself, I do my best to prevent people from getting scammed while getting into this very competitive industry. I work at home and have been doing it for 15 years. I work with affiliate marketers and advertisers. I have the best advice for people who want to get into this space. First, don't spend any money on courses, seminars, or get any mentors at this time who claim you can make a lot of money and that they are doing it too. Ever heard of the saying "Easier said than done"? Well thats what is going on here. It's very easy talking about how to affiliate market and create strategies. Thats why these videos are made because its easier to sell info on how to do something, than to actually do it yourself. All your doing is helping these guys make money off you. In the previous years it was very easy to make money as an affiliate marketer by selling free trials of Nutra (acai, forskolin, green coffee, garcinia), Colon Cleanse, bogus skincare and eye care, anti aging systems, testosterone and muscle boosters, dick pills, etc. But these were scam products tricking people into big monthly recurring charges on their credit cards. Affiliate marketers created multiple Facebook accounts to put up ads along with a safe page, tricking facebook into thinking they are sending to a compliant safe page. Then a cloaker is used to redirect actual users to these scam news pages offering a free trial, but hides the fact that they will charge you $100 a month if you don't cancel. On top of that, once you buy the first product (step 1), the next page is an upsell of a similar product (step 2) which again they offer as a free trial. So now you will be billed $200 a month if you accept that too. Affiliate marketers get an average commission of $40 for Step1 and $40 for Step 2, making a total of $80 per customer. Multiply this by 500 customers daily, and now you can see why big money is made right away. It’s very easy selling things to people when they think its free, but that doesn’t make you a smart or successful affiliate marketer as all your doing is scamming people. Facebook has caught on, its very hard to do this now without being in a big operation where you are constantly defrauding Facebook, Credit card companies, and creating false credit card statements and sending to Facebook to unban accounts. This is the real reality of what these guys have done to make their money. Now that it’s very difficult to do this, they prey on newbies who want to get into this space by feeding you motivational videos and trying to sell you crap courses and seminars. I will teach you all their is to know about affiliate marketing and I'll do it for free so that you don't waste your money. Here is some proof on what I’m saying, as the Feds are cracking down heavier than before. Its ok to risk money to make money, but don’t risk your freedom for money.

    I do know many successful affiliate marketers who sell legitimate products, and let me you, they don't have time to come online and make videos and create courses and seminars. They are working all day as its just like any other business. Do your own research, attend affiliate conventions, take a marketing class, network with other affiliate marketers not trying to push an ebook or affiliate info to you. Good luck!

  • Kendric Miller says:

    It was Jesus bro! Jesus is the only saving name!

  • Shane Barkley says:

    Hey! I have been through 6 jobs within the past 8 months and I am a social media type of person I love graphic design and marketing of course. Out of all the videos I have watched yours was the most intriguing. I’ve watched a lot of videos and none of them really show step by step on what to do or how to start affiliate marketing if you could please email me that would be awesome.

  • Sam is Successful says:

    I know the Gurus make Vids selling over priced courses people flock to it I get it we all want financial freedom, but they're snake oil salesman period.

  • Puppet Master says:

    I have been thinking about doing this for years, but haven't done it yet. I have always learned different, I always felt I needed someone to show me how to do something in person. It does seem pretty simple though. I was filling out the application or whatever online for starting Amazon affiliate, but the rules, and policies are kind of intimidating, and I remember why I never dove into it. I think I started it half a** last time to, but didn't finish the Amazon application, and so I didn't start out of fear I guess. Nice video. Very inspiring……

  • Michael Scott says:

    All RIGHT man…..get ON with it!! Two minutes in and you're still babbling about how you don't know what DAY it is! (Guess you can afford the GOOD drugs now!)

  • george mansell says:

    this inspires me

  • matt n says:

    Great video, I quit drinking 6 years ago, entire life changed for the better as well. I agree with most of your points, but I would say don't disregard the entire 9-5 thing, it works for some if you love what you do and have freedom, enjoy your co-workers and are challenged intellectually it can be a good thing. Personally I like what i do and like the structure as well as other things. I have been on both sides of that coin, hated the 9-5 and actually enjoyed it, worked for myself and have had bosses. in my opinion both have positives and negatives.

  • Mike Morrison says:

    Great video … I can relate … SufferingToSurrender.ORG

  • cayenne.pepper says:

    You need Jesus to fill all of your holes!!!! 😉

  • Bel Acqua says:
  • Audiozoo says:

    shared on twitter. great video

  • Dominic Bustos says:

    Looks like Chester benington


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