The Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Most people think getting into affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money. It can be, but a big mistake is that many underestimate the constant work and preparation needed to bring in this ‘easy’ money. Among the most common and hurtful affiliate marketing mistakes lie the following:

Selling and not pre-selling. A lot of affiliates think they are here to sell the affiliate store’s product. Wrong. The affiliate is here to pre-sell the product, that is, to make the potential customer receptive to the idea of buying. In other words, to convince the potential customer he needs to buy the product.

One good way to do this is to provide unique content about the product. Many affiliates use the sales copy devised by the store, but what they don’t realize is that this copy is for the store. As an affiliate, they have to convince on their own behalf. By doing this, the affiliate is also building a relationship of trust and rapport with the customer, and this is conducive to buying and to win over the customer as a return buyer.

I feel that the biggest of all affiliate marketing mistakes is made when you don’t have a plan to build a list. From the very start, even as an affiliate, you should be building a list of subscribers with every visitor that comes to your website. Very, very important!

Here are a few other common affiliate marketing mistakes:

– Trying to offer everything instead of keeping their site and visitors focused on one thing.
– Not knowing the product they are selling… It’s hard to sell something you yourself don’t know anything about.
– Sloppy site, misspellings, different font’s, cluttered, no real structure
– Not keeping their site updated with fresh content.
– Not giving a definite call to action such as buy now, or order here.
– Being to pushy, too hypey or too sales oriented. (Remember… presell)

These are just a few of many affiliate marketing mistakes… but the ironic thing is that you see these mistake everywhere you look. The old saying is true, don’t forget the basics. And even though the basics seem so basic, it is what has been proven to work time and time again.

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Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Several businesses already know the importance and benefits of postcard marketing. Postcard Marketing is the great way to get someone’s attention. Postcards are also excellent to:

Promote your product and service offers
Generate more website traffic and sales leads
Introduce your products and services
Keep in touch with new and existing customers

Mail first needs to be open to read. People often only look at envelop and decide that they are not interested. On the other hand, postcards are already open and ready to read and get readers attention. Postcard marketing is the cheapest form of direct mail marketing. Easy to create and generate the high rate of consumers response. When you combine all postcard marketing factors, you can see how powerful postcard marketing is.

So, it is very important to avoid common mistakes in the implementation of postcard marketing.

Not Targeting the Prospects

Make a best possible list of your target audience. You should have in-house list of the target audience. If you don’t have in house mailing list, you can create your own list or you can rent one to a list broker. For a free list, you can rent newsletter subscriber lists of and publication read by prospects in your target market.

Repetition mailing

For a successful, postcard marketing campaign, you need to have regular repetitive mailings. When you send postcards again and again to your target audience, it can build familiarity and credibility of your company among people. It is the best cost effective way to contact number of times your customers before it leads to sale and increase your revenue.

Postcard information

Postcard should contain brief personal message that can produce lovely expressive reaction from readers. It can generate extensively more replies than a long confusing message from your consumers than the postcard. However, at the same time postcard should look professional.

Mailing Missteps

Don’t use indicia, if possible. People consider it junk mail. First-class stamps may costs little more but, it makes postcard friendlier and generates more responses. First-class mail also offers you additional benefits such as “return to sender” – in case if the address is no longer valid. You can update your mailing lists with the first-class mailing. You should also consider dates of arrival, if you are unsure you can consult with your postal service.

Printing cost

Don’t spend too much money on your postcard printing. You can print postcards yourself for just pennies. If you have a large order, you can choose professional printers. They offer less cost per card as the number of postcards increase.

Postcards as Sales Pitch

Don’t provide too much information to your postcard. Just promote the benefit of your product and service. In this way, you can increase sales lead and website traffic. Use postcard to grab the reader’s attention.

Postcard design

Your postcard design should contain headlines, images, and important information. Use bright colors to get the consumer’s attention. Keep the message simple and brief – considering bullet points are a good option.

Contact information

Don’t forget to provide contact information such as telephone, fax, call number and email address. It’s a common sense to provide your company name as well.


Before you print your postcard message, check spell, grammar, punctuation or any typological errors. You must proofread your message before printing. A great way to proofread is to read the message loudly. It is also good to have someone to review it because you may overlook mistakes.

You can make your postcard marketing tool more effective than ordinary simple postcard by simply avoiding these mistakes.



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Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes

It may be necessary for you to understand and master some wise techniques if you are attempting to start Facebook marketing. At the same time, you may need to learn some common mistakes made by the majority of business people so as to avoid such mistakes in your business.

It may be one of the most common mistakes of business people to dive into Facebook without a strategic plan. It is suggested that you should know your purposes for your Facebook marketing since each will require different activities on the massive site.  Productive Facebook marketing goals include visibility, creating a community, advertising, driving traffic, brand recognition and developing referral sources.

Broadcasting, not socializing is what you should avoid. It is wrong to broadcast instead of being relevant. Broadcasting is a business owner’s attempt to get their message across to their audience without providing any real content that relates to the message and business. But an additional problem with broadcasting is that business owners often fail to remain in a continual dialogue with their followers, thus reducing their impact on the important choices their followers make. It is not a good idea to simply broadcast messages instead of providing relevant information to your fans and regularly engaging with them in a genuine manner. Fans like interaction and you need to give them a reason to stay. It is important to realize that people use social media sites like Facebook to connect with others and feel part of a community.

Automating everything is also a big mistake most of the business people made on Facebook. The tools and the temptation are there to automate as much as your social media marketing as possible. And while social media dashboards like Hootsuite do make it easier to manage your campaign, using Fcebook’s native publishing tools will allow you to gain the most benefit in terms of real time engagement. Also, Facebook places low-priority on auto-published content.

If you don’t invest enough time, you couldn’t get near to success, of course. Some business owners are under the impression that if they set up a page on Facebook, that’s all they have to do… that people will just naturally come and want to be a fan of their product or service. However, the truth is that Facebook is new for many dealers and it’s common to underestimate the amount of time it takes to create a successful Facebook marketing strategy. So unlike traditional advertising, you can’t just create a Facebook Page and just let it run its course. This mentality equates to failure. That’s because page needs to be updated and monitored constantly.

Above all, you are advised to make a strategic plan firstly before you starting your business. Keep in mind that you should always socialize with your audience. Don’t try to automating everything. Enough time is a necessary.

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