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Inside Information About Wealthy Affiliate

Before I start dishing out inside information about Wealthy Affiliate, the very first thing I’m going to do is ask you a question, how much money have you wasted on “vice” products in your lifetime? I’m going to assume a lot. But, I guess that I could define what I mean by “vice” products for you as well.

I consider a vice product to be something, anything, that you do not actually have a need for to survive. Pretty broad definition there, huh? So, the things that would include would be as follows: anything considered an entertainment product, beauty products, unnecessarily expensive clothing products, unnecessarily expensive dinners, and I’m sure the list could go on.

Now, let me ask you again-how much money have you wasted on “vice” products? I’m sure the answer is going to be over the cost of a one month Wealthy Affiliate membership, so it doesn’t really matter how much you have wasted. It’s enough for me to make my point.

I spent a lot of time doing online research about the Wealthy Affiliate program, thinking this has to be a scam. It’s not. It took an entire month of reading and researching before I finally signed up for my membership account. It was the train of thought above that led to my decision. I’ve wasted far more than the cost of a website membership fee, so why not give it a shot?

I would have rather lost the amount of a monthly membership fee, than lose an opportunity of a lifetime. I’m still proud that I took that step. It’s been one of the few good decisions of my life. Sure, I had a friend introduce me to someone who was currently making enough that he could laugh at some of the people who chose an expensive four-year college rather than a small community college like he did. He actually never even progressed passed the level of an associate degree, yet he is now making more money than many of his graduated class that received “better educations.”

As for the promised inside information, the membership fee is a forty dollars a month and it’s worth far more than that-I would say three times as much. The free web hosting nearly covers the cost of that, and once you consider that you’re palling around with some of the best minds in internet marketing-Travis “Bum Marketing” Sago and “Pot Pie Girl”-the website immediately becomes nearly priceless. Plus, with just two sales your recurring commissions of fifty-percent of the monthly fee would pay for your own membership costs.

So, why not join Wealthy Affiliate today? After all, isn’t forty dollars a small price to pay for a lifetime of financial freedom?

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3 Keys to Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. It requires very little money, no product to develop and no inventory to keep. You can operate your business from just about anywhere in the world. So if it is so easy to get started, why isn’t everyone successful at creating a long term profitable Affiliate Marketing business? The internet is loaded with information on just about every topic imaginable. With all this information just a click away, it’s easy to get side-tracked and lose your focus. Everyone has the latest and greatest way to make money online and it is easy to get caught up in all the hype. The next thing you know is you are going from one business plan to another and never following through to the end on any of them. The bottom line is that it all boils down to 3 keys to success.

The first key is to find a good proven product to sell. There are many ways to accomplish this task but one of the more popular ways is to use the Clickbank Marketplace. You must first find a market that people are spending money on. Preferably this market is something that you are personally interested in or have considerable knowledge about. Once you have found a popular market that people are willing to spend money on, you must then find a product or products that are currently “hot” sellers. Using Clickbank’s gravity numbers and % referred numbers can help you determine which products are hot. Take a look at the sales page of the product. Would you buy it? If not, you need to move on to another product.

Once you find your market and product to offer you must then create an opt in list to promote your product. Most unsuccessful marketers will run an ad or publish an article or two and send the people directly to the product’s sales page. The problem with this is that it usually takes about 7-9 contacts or visits before the average person purchases the product. The worst case scenario is they never purchase the product and you never come in contact with that person again. The best case scenario is the person does purchase the product, you make a commission, and you never come in contact with that person again. The only person that benefits in the long run is the product creator. Their product has sold and they have added the person to their list. In order for you to benefit, YOU must capture the person’s name and email address. This will allow YOU to build a long term relationship with that person and in turn build a long term stable business.

Lastly, you must then drive targeted traffic to your list so you can grow that list and have a large base of people that will know you and trust you and follow your recommendations. You can drive traffic to your website by paying for it, (like Google Ads), or free (like Ezine Articles). The quickest way to get targeted traffic to your list is to use a pay per click search engine like Google or Yahoo. However, you must use caution when using this method because if you don’t do it correctly, it can cost you a lot of money quickly and with minimal result. You must decide what is best for you which will depend on your available budget and time to devote to your business. Usually a combination of both free and paid sources to drive targeted traffic to your list is the best.

So that’s it. If you spend your efforts on these 3 keys to making money with affiliate marketing you will be successful. It’s not necessarily easy but it is simple. Do Not Make It Complicated. The most difficult part is getting started. Once you get started and are seeing results, you will be on your way to creating a strong and profitable business. You can do it. You must be committed to doing it. Then, you must take action. You do not need to do it alone. In fact if you do try to do it alone your chances of success are very slim. However, with a proven business model to follow, a mentor or two to provide guidance, and taking consistent action you can and you will succeed.

OK. Now is the time to take action. Go find a product in a market that people are spending money in. Then create a simple opt in list for people to sign up and start promoting that list every chance you get. Remember to stay focused on your business model and take action every day. You will be successful.

David Starnes is the publisher of Affiliate Action Advisor, a bi-weekly newsletter committed to finding simple, successful, solutions to jump start your affiliate business without draining your bank account. For your free report, “3 Keys To Creating Big-Time Commission Checks With Affiliate Marketing visit

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Affiliate Marketing – Complete Guide to Finding a Niche Market For Your Blog

If you have finally decided to start your own blog, then firstly i would like to congratulate you. The reason is because the toughest thing to do is always to get started. I am sure you have heard about people rambling on non stop about niche markets and how to define your target market. This article will help shed some light on this topic.

Your blogging style and target audience always come hand in hand. The moment you decide to create a blog, you must figure out what your target audience is; you must know what do they want to read and find out more from your blog. The articles your write on your blog must provide quality and value to your readers in order to build up a relationship with them. If you provide quality information, it would be very effective in building up communication and your readership. Encouraging your readers to leave comments in your blog works fine as well.

At a closer look, the definition of a niche market could be broken down into 3 criteria:

1. A group of people – This particular group of people (targeted audience) interested in a particular hobby, interest or profession.

2. Searching for a solution – Your targeted audience would be better if they are searching for a solution, and you are there to provide it to them. You need to find this group of people through what they are looking for. The most practical way is to use keyword research tools to find out exactly what phrases or questions these people are typing into the search engines to find a solution.

3. They are not finding many relevant results – It would be easier to establish your blog in a smaller and more targeted market than a saturated one. The reason is because if you wish to write a blog to publish updates on soccer news, you would realise that many websites out there are already doing so and the competition is very stiff. In this case you lose out on your readership and traffic.

I advise that people start with their own passions, hobbies, interest or expertise.

You might find this formula handy:

My niche market is people who are (action word) + (your passions)

Here are some examples:

My niche market is people who are (learning) to (play the piano).

My niche market is people who are trying to (build) a (dog kennel).
My niche market is people who are learning to (cook) (French-style cuisine).

Use this questionnaire to dig deeper into your interests.

What websites do you visit when you have nothing to do? What topics do these websites cover?
Do you collect anything?
Do you play any sports?
Do you have pets?
Do you have any specialized knowledge? Example: Flower Arrangement, Gardening Skills…
What is your occupation? What field or area of interest does it deal in?
Is there anything you really want to learn about, but you gave up because of the time constraint in your life?

Come up with a list of at least 3 or more interests and you are ready to go!

To Your Affiliate Success!


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